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Get one month of service, absolutely free

Business is risky enough as it is. At Maavi, we are so confident in the quality of our service, that we offer the first, most labor-intensive month for free.

When you see the difference we can make to your IT, we are confident you want to stay.
“Maavi has a long-standing history and a respected client base. We look forward to establishing new relationships and to collaborate on achieving your vision.”
Why us?

We manage the IT of businesses

We excel at the three components necessary for a successful implementation of M365; the first is an installation with neurotic attention to detail and the optimization of settings and security options.

The second task is the tailoring of the apps to fit the organization's exact needs and processes; connecting them with each other. This often includes a process-discovery session.

Finally, we coach the management and team, ensuring adoption of the updated processes.
Maavi is an IT service provider. We customize our approach to IT management, to best fit your needs. You never pay for what you do not need - and we will be sure to suggest changes we think would generate you additional value.
Consistently optimize your technology

You will able to trust us with everything IT-related

Device management
Monitoring and management of core network devices. Removing the burden of monitoring and managing critical LAN infrastructure​.
Network management
Monitoring and management of your SD-WAN network. Better network performance, more agility and a lower cost.
Cloud software & infrastructure
Microsoft Office 365 services and support. More productive, collaborative and secure teams​.
Cyber security
Maavi specializes in cyber security and offers a variety of add-on packages; even going so far as to scan the dark-web for possible attacks.

Focus on your business;
we take care of your IT

Maavi is an IT services provider who manages and supports the IT of your small / medium-sized business.

We take full responsibility for making the most of your IT; guaranteeing up-time, providing immediate support, mitigating security-related risk and optimizing IT processes.

We ensure that you can stay focused on your work, that you can collaborate effectively from any location or device - and ensure the security of your systems.
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So, why Maavi?

Fast and thorough
We stick to our deadlines
You might have experience collaborating with sloppy organizations. We are different - and strive for perfection every single time.
Utterly passionate
You might appreciate that...
Your IT and processes are more important to us than our revenue. We often give freebies, without even mentioning it. Why? Because we are utterly passionate.
One-stop partner
Making operations easier
Regardless of what you want to do within the realm of IT, we explore the best options and present them to you.

What you can expect from us

Managed IT services give you the support you need for your critical IT technology, without the cost and hassle of managing everything on your own. Benefits of managed IT services include:
Find Me, Follow Me
Maximizing your IT budget & ROI
Team-based Call Distribution
Improved performance
Custom Cloud Routing
Proactive IT Maintenance
Access to IT expertise & IT-related business strategy
Improved network security
Best-in-class response times
Learn how we fixed company X's problem Y

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We are neighbors! Maavi is local to San Jose


5201 Great America Parkway, Suite 320, Santa Clara, CA 95054

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