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  • Statutory IT Compliance

    Is Statutory IT Compliance giving you sleepless nights?

An effective IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Strategy has become an indispensable  aspect of any Organization that uses IT

systems for its  operations, regardless of the size or line of business. But the complexity and constantly evolving nature of today’s GRC

requirements makes it nearly impossible for most Organizations to have the necessary expertise and experience to manage this

humungous task, in-house.

Hence, Maavi partners with various industry leaders in IT security and compliance segment and becomes a one-stop shop for bringing a

suite of comprehensive compliance solutions and professional services to end customers. Maavi’s security and compliance experts will

address your Organization’s IT security and compliance challenges and help enhance your security posture, reduce risk and facilitate

compliance thereby helping your Organization remain protected and compliant with mandatory security standards.

Maavi provides comprehensive and integrated services in this area as listed below combining their unique expertise and wisdom with

IT GRC management platforms offered by our Partners. The offerings include assessments, audits and training focused on various aspects

of security and testing that ensures that vulnerabilities, both potential and real are addressed and protective measures and best practices

adequately protect your IT systems against all kinds of attacks.

Assessments and Audits


      •  Penetration Testing
      • Application Security Testing
      • Social Engineering


Security awareness and Training